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- Service Animals Only

- Shoes & Shirt required

- Small strollers and

   carry-ons only

- No surfboards

- No motorized vehicles

- No open alcoholic


- No Smoking

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I ride to the Ogunquit Playhouse from the Wells Train Station?

Yes – Board the BLUE 4b at WRTC and transfer at Wells Harbor onto the BLUE 4 (transfers between the BLUE trolley routes are FREE).  Transfer onto the Ogunquit Trolley at the Majestic Regency Resort Hotel.  Take the Ogunquit Trolley to the Bourne Ave/US 1 stop.  It is a short walk south on US-1 to the Ogunquit Playhouse.

BLUE 4b        OGUNQUIT Trolley-3




How long will it take to ride the trolley to the train station from Wells Beach?

Due to traffic volume and trolley stops, the trip to the train station may take as long as 45 minutes.  From the BLUE 4 you will need to a transfer onto BLUE 4b. Be sure to notify your driver of your destination and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

BLUE 4       BLUE 4b




How do I get to Kennebunkports' Dock Square from Wells Beach?

Take BLUE 4 north to Wells Harbor Park.  Once there, transfer to BLUE 4b.  The BLUE 4b will take you into Kennebunk Lower Village which is a short walk to Dock Square.

BLUE 4        BLUE 4b




Why do I need to pay another fare when I transfer to York, Ogunquit or Intown Trolleys?

The Shoreline Explorer is a Trolley & Bus Network connecting public and private transportation providers with 7 different routes. Since our private partners do not receive public funding, fares vary.

YORK Trolley 1        OGUNQUIT Trolley 3        INTOWN Trolley 6




Can I bring my bike on the Shoreline Explorer?

Yes, bicycles can be accommodated on the BLUE 4, BLUE 4b, AQUA 7 and the ORANGE 5 but NOT on the YORK Trolley 1, OGUNQUIT Trolley 3, or INTOWN Trolley 6.

For a video about how to load your bike on the bike rack, click here.



How do I get to Ogunquit Beach?

From the BLUE 4 Trolley you will transfer at The Majestic Regency onto the Ogunquit Trolley 3, which will provide service to either Ogunquit Main Beach.



How long should I expect to wait for a Trolley?

Expect to wait approx. 20 minutes for the BLUE 4 Trolley, however traffic  congestion may cause unexpected delays.  BLUE 4b operates hourly at  any stop on it’s route.



How late does the Trolley run?

The last BLUE 4 trolley departs the Majestic Regency at 11pm.  The BLUE 4b departs Kennebunk Lower Village at 9:40pm (Sun - Th) and 10:15 (Fr & Sat) heading back to WRTC.



Is there a Senior discount?

No.  We have a flat fare of $1 per ride for riders 12 and over.

Children under 12 ride free.



Can I bring my dog?

The Shoreline Explorer only allows service pets on board its vehicles.



Can I use Ogunquit Trolley tokens on the BLUE 4 trolleys?

No, Ogunquit Trolley is privately owned and therefore has it’s own fare structure.



Can I bring a Surfboard on the Trolley?

No.  There is no safe way to secure a surfboard on the vehicles.



Can I bring a stroller on the Trolley?

Yes, a folding “umbrella” style stroller is allowed.  However, children must ride on the seat, not in the stroller.



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